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or years now, dental implants have been most advanced and beneficial tooth replacement option available for patients and it’s not difficult to see why. By mimicking the structure of a natural tooth, including both the crown and the root, implants create a strong and solid foundation for the new restoration while also helping to keep the jawbone healthy, which is important when it comes to preserving the wellbeing of the rest of your smile.

Here at Sai Care Dental Implant Hospital, though, Dr. Asnani has striven to make this process even more precise and convenient for patients. That’s why he now offers computer guided implant surgery and placement to patients here in Ahmednagar.

Experience The Latest in Technology As We Seamlessly Repair Your Smile

This advanced method offers patients numerous benefits, even beyond the ones provided by dental implants themselves. With the help of computer guided surgery, Dr. Asnani is able to better pinpoint the exact location within your mouth for each implant, considerably simplifying the overall procedure. As our patient, you can look forward to a less invasiveness, a shorter recovery time, and an overall process that’s much smoother from beginning to end.

These computers can also be a valuable tool when it comes to our explanation of how exactly your implants will be placed. You’ll be able to look at clear images, as well as ask any questions. Sai Care Dental Implant Hospital, we want our patients to always feel like they’re getting exactly what they want every time they come in for an appointment. Your complete comfort and satisfaction are our top priority!