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Cancer reconstruction:

Oral cancer is one of the common cancers in human beings. It requires a team for management of oral malignancies we use a multidisciplinary approach for the management of such tumors which helps to enhance the quality of life postoperatively.

Repair of facial cancer defects that have been created using surgery and often utilize healthy adjacent skin flaps or skin grafts. Large facial cancers occasionally need to be repaired using free tissue transfer, i.e. skin, muscle, and/or bone from a different part of the body brought to fill the facial defect.

Facial trauma reconstruction:

Correction of facial fractures and/or facial lacerations, commonly suffered during motor vehicle accidents, fights, domestic violence, athletic events, animal bites, etc….Traumatic facial fractures frequently involve the jawbone, cheekbone, the eye socket, or the brow and require realignment of the bone segments and fixation for proper healing. Traumatic facial lacerations can cause scarring, facial nerve damage, salivary duct trans-section, tear duct injury, or even loss of a body part.